Thursday, October 14, 2010

October is College Month at BPS!

It's college month! All across BPS, guidance counselors are working with students to help them get ready for college. On October 22, staff will wear alumni apparel on "Represent your Alma Mater Day," and help lead classroom discussions about college choices, experience and careers. Volunteers and staff are also coordinating SAT prep workshops and through our partners at Success Boston, BPS is making sure that our juniors and seniors know about the many scholarships, financial aid packages, application assistance and testing support that are available to students. Please check out this flyer to learn more about how you can help, and visit our College Month website today!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

What is 'Redesign and Reinvest?'

From BPS Superintendent Carol R. Johnson:

We are beginning the second year of our Acceleration Agenda, a five-year plan for rapidly improving every classroom in the Boston Public Schools. The Acceleration Agenda calls on us to develop personalized academic plans for every student; it pushes us to do a better job evaluating teachers and helping them strengthen their skills; and it demands we rapidly turn around schools that are not making the grade.

To help us achieve these ambitious goals, we are implementing a plan called “Redesign and Reinvest.” This will improve the options for students attending schools that are not performing as well as we would like. In conversations with families this summer, in an online survey, and in many other discussions over the past year, parents told us that academic quality should be the most important factor as we build great schools for our children.

We believe the best way to offer better academic options for all our families is to close programs that are not working well and use those resources to reinforce our stronger programs and create new ones. We cannot tolerate persistent under-achievement at any of our schools. We cannot offer schools to the families of Boston that we would not choose for our own children. This plan allows us to move students into schools and classrooms that get results.

If the School Committee approves our proposal, these changes would take place in the 2011-2012 school year. This month we will hold a series of public hearings and meetings to discuss these draft suggestions. We are asking the School Committee to vote on a final plan in early November.

We are committed to building a school district that works for all of our children and now we need your help to make this a reality. Doing nothing is not an option – but doing what’s right can require some very difficult choices. I believe that the steps outlined here will help BPS deliver on our promise to provide a great education for all of Boston's children. The “Redesign and Reinvest” changes will help ensure every BPS school is an inspiring place to learn. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and addressing your questions.

Please review the specifics of our plan at We will update that page regularly with information on our public hearings, which we will hold throughout October to get your feedback on our proposal. Thank you for your interest, your understanding and your involvement in your child’s education!

Carol R. Johnson