Thursday, December 20, 2012

St. Paul makes a connection

For 14 years, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church of Lynnfield, MA has helped to make memorable Christmases for many BPS families. Ms. Jonna Casey, Director of Special Education at the Murphy Satellite, has been a longtime member of the congregation. When she first informed the church of the need of some of her students, the congregation went above and beyond to help the school. Their contributions have continued since. Today hundreds of toys, clothes, and other gifts have been delivered to BPS Families. It started with a handful of students and now there are 93 families that benefit from the generosity of St. Paul.

A student who was a recipient of the many gifts donated to the families was sitting on a bench in the school’s office. Ms. Casey approached the little girl and asked her whom she was waiting for, and she said, “Ms. Casey.” “ Well, I’m Ms. Casey. How can I help you?” “Ms. Casey, I wanted to thank you for the best Christmas I’ve ever had!”

“It is awesome to see communities making connections with other communities,” says Ms. Casey. “I am grateful for St. Paul’s kindness, but there are many others like them who are willing to help when they know there is a need. We have good, kind-hearted people!“

Friday, December 07, 2012

Ruth has faith

Ruth Wong, Community Liaison for Boston Public Schools'  Office of Community Engagement and Circle of Promise, is helping to create partnerships with faith-based organizations.  Ruth started with the BPS in July due to a partnership between the Emmanuel Gospel Center and the Boston Public Schools. Currently there are more than 30 schools that partner with faith-based organizations and Ruth looks to expand the partnerships to other schools.

Recently, one of the partners, Roxbury Presbyterian Church, was honored by the White House as a school improvement champion for the Dearborn. “Faith communities have an extraordinary ability to help educate our children,” said White House Executive Director for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships, Rev. Joshua DuBois.  “Together, these schools, these programs can help take the country where it needs to go!”

Faith-based partnerships have greatly benefited BPS families.  Roxbury Presbyterian Church’s partnership with Dearborn Middle School is helping the school to expand to a 6-12 Early College STEM Academy.  One of the students who participates in an after-school program provided by the church says, "Before Saturday School I didn't know how to divide.  Now I totally get it!" Another partner, City Mission Society in partnership with Citizens Bank gave away about 400 coats to the Russell School families.

I asked Ruth what are the goals for the coming year and she  said, “ The faith communities in greater Boston are resources and community assets who are eager to support and partner with our schools.  My goal is to help align more faith-based and community-based partners who can help students, families and schools thrive. With the help of faith-based organizations, I am confident that we will be able to contribute to increased student achievement and family engagement in our schools.”

To learn more about faith-based organizations you can contact Ruth Wong,

Thursday, December 06, 2012

We are Boston!

The 2012 We Are Boston Gala, a celebration that recognizes immigrants from diverse backgrounds that have contributed greatly to the city of Boston, recognized two BPS students with the School and Youth Action Award: Boston International student,  Sherley Belizaire and Charlestown student, Yi Ming Yu.

This award is given to those that have made significant contributions to his/her community, while demonstrating and promoting cultural pride.


To learn more about the We Are Boston Gala: