Thursday, February 16, 2012

Higginson/Lewis: Born from a boombox

The John Lennon Bus stopped at the Higginson/Lewis School in the fall. Check out the video that the students created:

Monday, February 13, 2012

City Year makes a difference

City Year and BPS schools partnered in the spring of 2011. City Year is currently serving 14 schools with hopes of expanding to 23 schools in the next three years.

The Dever Elementary and the McCormick Middle are two schools that are benefiting from the program. City Year Corp members at the schools provide class support for the teachers and also help lead small groups. Members also help track student attendance for those who have an attendance rate below 92% and contact parents when their student is absent to see what the reason is and how the school can help get them to school.

This Partnership has increased attendance in the school. Currently attendance is higher now in February 2012 than it was this time last year because of their efforts to get students to school.

One of the Corps members, Nicole Chandler, says, “Our connection with the staff and administration is strong and we greatly appreciate the school for allowing us to serve at the DMC", she continues, "I really believe that public schools can thrive but it will take everyone taking a stance to make a difference. That's why I work for City Year!"

To learn more about City Year’s partnership with BPS click here

Monday, February 06, 2012

The Holland remembers the "Dream"

The Holland Elementary School recently celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. at its annual MLK: I Have a Dream Speech Oratorical Contest. The students learned and recited excerpts of the speech and were judged from a panel of judges, which included the principal, teachers, and leaders in the community. This year there were more than 15 participants from the fifth grade class- many of the students were English Language Learners!

The 1st prizewinner received a $100.00 savings bond and the 2nd prizewinner received a $75.00 saving bond. The bond will help further the student’s education when they enter college.
Check out the 1st place winner Nevaeh Langford and 2nd place winner Walter James

The following week the school also hosted its annual “Unity Dinner”. The goal of this event was to enhance the partnership between school, students, and their families. During the Unity Dinner the school community celebrated the children through song and dance and ended with a family style dinner.

To learn more about the events contact Cassandra Samuel, the Library Media-Paraprofessional for the Holland :