Wednesday, February 21, 2007

George Washington visits the Perkins

Students at the Michael J. Perkins Elementary School in South Boston recently were among the first in the country to view the new gold one-dollar coin and receive a history lesson on the life of George Washington – from the first President himself. The Perkins was included on a national tour organized by the U.S. Mint to debut its new one-dollar gold coin featuring George Washington, the first in a series as part of the Presidential $1 Coin program. Pictured here, President George Washington, portrayed by interpreter Dean Malissa, gives fourth and fifth grade students at the Perkins a sneak preview of the new coin.

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James Renwick Manship, Sr. (StatesManship) said...

Your Boston School Children might like to see a part of President George W. honoring President George W. (Washington that is) at Mount Vernon on the Monday George Washington Birthday Federal Holiday (NOT "Presidents Day" by Public Law 90-363). see