Friday, March 09, 2007

Three-quarters of Class of 2008 have met State MCAS graduation requirement

Nearly 75% of Boston Public Schools students in the Class of 2008 have passed both the English Language Arts and Mathematics sections of the Grade 10 MCAS exams after just one or two attempts, fulfilling the graduation requirement halfway through their junior year. These results outpace previous classes, with 69% of the Class of 2007 having met "Competency Determination" at this point last year. When the test was first administered, less than half of the Class of 2003 passed both tests after just two tries. (Click on the image above to enlarge.) The gains are consistent with Boston high school students' record performance improvements on the Spring 2006 exams. For complete statewide results, visit the Massachusetts Department of Education website.

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OB said...

I believe this is a great achievement. This statistic proves that kids are learning, and comprehending what is being taught.Although, the other 1/4 needs to catch up. Hopefully class of 2009 will finish what class of 2008 started (they will).

Stephanie Germain