Monday, November 19, 2007

Tynan students send 1,000 paper cranes to Japan

Fourth grade students at the Joseph P. Tynan Elementary School in South Boston today mailed 1,000 paper cranes and their own Haiku poems about peace to Japan in remembrance of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Teachers Phyllis Simon and Shawn O'Neill have been teaching the events of World War II through the book Sadako, about a young girl who lived in Japan when the atom bomb was dropped. The Tynan students mailed their cranes and poems to the Mayor of Hiroshima, accompanied by letters from the students and from Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino, and asked that the cranes be placed at the statue of Sadako in the Hiroshima Peace Park. Pictured here are Christine Nguyen (left) and Kayla McColgan.


Ms. Simon's Class said...

We must never forget the horror of those days. This is an effective way for our children to learn what had happened and to participate with compassion in the peace building process.

Ms. Simon's Class said...

Inever new about how terrible it was. I'm glad we did this.

Ms. Simon's Class said...

I think it was very fun to make paper cranes. But when I got to 110 my fingers started to hurt. By James M.

I like to do paper crane but I know how do the whole paper crane still need help on half of it
By Keith

My experience was so much fun. The story was sad because she died. I know now you can make peace everywhere you want to.
By Joseph

My experience was when we where reading the book Sadako. She did not get to make 1,000 paper cranes so we started a project on making cranes.
By April

The experience was like so interesting how a 10 year old died just because of a disease and tried to make 1,000 paper cranes but couldn’t. It was really sad for me and it reminds me of my relatives.
By Alexandra

It was great. I never thought Ms Simon, Mr.Oneill, and Ms.Shavis would ever let 2two grade fourth classes make 1000 Paper Cranes to bring peace in the world.
By Kanya

I liked it in the when we first started making paper cranes buy when we got to like 400 paper cranes it started to hurt my fingers.
A mi gusta er cueto Sadako peno a mi No me gusta cuado semuri I k parte cuabo eya a fredi o los papele De colores
By Keliz

One person made the gold paper crane.It was nice making them.When we started we had to learn how to fold the paper after 100 paper cranes every body started to make a lot .I learned that peace can be every where and any where I liked the book too but it was sad at the end .I wanted to cry. I will miss the cranes.
by Tonjae

Ms. Simon's Class said...

I like Sadako but it was sad! Making paper cranes was fun but sometimes it could get boring and hard I had to teach some kids how to make paper cranes! We had to do a lot of work for Sadako but I had fun!

I thought it was sad that Sadako died. When we were making paper cranes I was thinking about Sadako and how she died and that was sad.

My Experience of Sadako is that it was about peace. A while I was making paper cranes all I was thinking of was peace. When it was October 25, my class noticed that it was Sadako Birthday. So all we did that day was give peace to all.

My experience was how to make peace in the world .I also learned that it is not easy to make 1,000 paper cranes. It was a fun experience and I enjoyed it.
By Devon

I like the book Sadako but it was sad when she died .she was only 10 years old. I like making paper cranes. At first it was hard but it got easier. Sometimes I got in trouble if I was caught making them during class time.
By Brandly

It was a good experience because it was peaceful. We learned about Sadako a lot when she died a lot of people did not forget her. I liked the experience because at first it was hard but when Kayla helped me I got better at It.
By Amber

Ms. Simon's Class said...

It was tricky in the first place but when you get use to it gets easy. This project made me sad because she died. I had a lot of peace inside of me.

I like the book of Sadako but it was sad at the end. It was sad when she died because she was only a kid. I just made the cranes for peace in Hiroshima, Japan. It was fun making paper cranes. Once we got to 50 cranes we did had a hard time making them. It was fun.

I like to do the paper cranes and when we did the haiku it made me sad and the book Sadako book was sad and I learned that peace can be around.
By Rosey

It was a great experience because the people would learn peace. We need peace a lot of peace. The paper cranes were hard to make the first time but the other time it got easy. Both fourth grade classes made 1,000 paper cranes together .Now we are sending them to Japan.
By Abraham

It was good reading the book but when she died it was sad. Making paper cranes was fun. It was peaceful when we were making paper cranes.
By Kewon

My experience with Sadako was sad and fun making the paper cranes. Reading Sadako was sad because she dies at a young age. The project was peaceful.
By: Ciara

Rebecca said...

How did you mail your cranes? My class has also made over 1000 cranes and we are ready to ship them but cost is a factor.

Mrs. Calderon
BHC Art Teacher