Thursday, March 20, 2008

BPS officials trying to close $30 million budget gap

Faced with rising costs and declining federal, state, and private/philanthropic resources, the Boston School Committee and Superintendent Carol Johnson are trying to close a gap of $30.7 million in the Boston Public Schools budget for the 2008-2009 school year.

At last night's School Committee meeting, Dr. Johnson described an array of strategies already adopted to reduce costs and generate savings of nearly $15 million, but the district must identify another $15 million in reductions to balance the budget. The School Committee is required by law to vote on a final budget proposal at its March 26 meeting. To match expected expenditures with expected revenue, officials have said "everything is on the table," including staff layoffs and school closures if necessary.

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Anonymous said...

Why not do away with the Superintendent's Schools? There are other ways to help our students without having them sit through the extra hour of school. This year more children are getting sicker in and out of school. Asthma incidents have gone up,children are falling asleep in school,some are getting sick and no one comes to pick them up because we have become a free extended daycare. These are some of the problems we face, along with students not doing homework because they get home so late. It is time to rethink this situation and save the city $10 million.