Friday, March 13, 2009

Edison School students celebrate "Pi Day"

The entire sixth grade class at the Thomas A. Edison Middle School in Brighton today celebrated the eve of “Pi Day” with a special assembly to demonstrate their learning in mathematics. Students created a “living Pi,” lining up in matching T-shirts, each with a different digit, to represent the irrational number Pi (3.14…) to nearly 125 digits. Led by math teacher Alice Ruais, the students created colorful posters, recited facts, and performed songs and poems to demonstrate their knowledge of Pi. After the assembly, students joined staff and special guests for a celebration in the cafeteria featuring, of course, fresh-baked pie!

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Anonymous said...

Alice.. great job! You are such a great teacher.. hope everyone appreciates the ton of work that went into this.. .I know I do! See you soon. Liz