Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New elementary literacy program: Reading Street

Superintendent Johnson today announced the adoption of a new elementary reading program for BPS students in kindergarten through grade 5: Scott Foresman Reading Street from Pearson. A thorough review process led local educators to select the program, in part because it includes a range of instructional materials for students with varying academic skills and needs, including children with disabilities and English Language Learners. Principals and teachers will be introduced to the program this summer, with training taking place throughout the fall.

To learn more about Reading Street, visit the website or watch the short video below about the use of the program in Revere, Mass.:

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Summer said...

This is exciting to hear! We are also a BPS--Beatrice Public Schools in Nebraska and are also adopting K-5 the Reading Street materials. We too did an extensive review process and are always glad to see other doing so! I would love to see your review process results!