Friday, March 12, 2010

BPS teacher takes a year to travel the world

Teacher Lillian Marshall taught at Charlestown High School for five years before taking a leave of absence this school year to travel around the world to volunteer, teach and write. After some time in Asia and Europe, for the past two months she has been in Ghana, West Africa, running a student writing project and international penpal exchange. Follow Ms. Marshall's adventures on her daily travel blog, "Around the World L", and make sure to check out the Student Life Stories Project, which contains nearly two dozen stories written by Ghanaian students about an important or influential event in their life, allowing readers around the world a sneak peek into the individual students' life experiences.

Photo: Ghanaian students view their published works online for the first time (courtesy of Lillian Marshall).

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backpackingranny said...

Lillie has made a huge impact for the YCC kids in Ghana. Her dedication and commitment to the children shines through in all of her blog entries. The penpal exhange program and articles written by the children themselves show the true impact she is making. Take some time to read her blog and you will be as inspired by her as she has inspired the children to study hard and be the best they can be. YCC and BSV are truly blessed that Lillie chose Sogakope for her volunteer experience. Thank You!
-Marla the bpg from bsv