Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Dever-McCormack votes early!

Mock voting took place today at the Dever/McCormack, with all of the students participating. Neema Avashia, the 8th grade civics teacher, thought it would be a great way to get students involved and informed. The civics department has a curriculum on voting. Thus, students have been learning the history of voting and also about the candidates.
When I asked Ms. Avashia what she hopes to accomplish with this mock voting, she said, “I want kids to be more informed and engaged from an early age. The students have been super excited about this process, and its awesome! It is evident that the students are making their own decisions and taking the time to learn about all the candidates. “We even had some vote for green party candidates and libertarian candidates!” says Ms. Avashia.
All students that participated received free iTune download for up to 30 songs. A big thumbs up for the Dever-McCrmMack for voting early!

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