Thursday, December 20, 2012

St. Paul makes a connection

For 14 years, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church of Lynnfield, MA has helped to make memorable Christmases for many BPS families. Ms. Jonna Casey, Director of Special Education at the Murphy Satellite, has been a longtime member of the congregation. When she first informed the church of the need of some of her students, the congregation went above and beyond to help the school. Their contributions have continued since. Today hundreds of toys, clothes, and other gifts have been delivered to BPS Families. It started with a handful of students and now there are 93 families that benefit from the generosity of St. Paul.

A student who was a recipient of the many gifts donated to the families was sitting on a bench in the school’s office. Ms. Casey approached the little girl and asked her whom she was waiting for, and she said, “Ms. Casey.” “ Well, I’m Ms. Casey. How can I help you?” “Ms. Casey, I wanted to thank you for the best Christmas I’ve ever had!”

“It is awesome to see communities making connections with other communities,” says Ms. Casey. “I am grateful for St. Paul’s kindness, but there are many others like them who are willing to help when they know there is a need. We have good, kind-hearted people!“

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