Wednesday, January 31, 2007

BSAC students debate high school start time on-line

Two members of the Boston Student Advisory Council (BSAC) are featured in the "Eye on Education" blog presented by WGBH, debating whether Boston high schools should move to later start times. Moriah from Boston Latin Academy (pictured here) and Elyas from Boston Arts Academy may not agree on the issue, but they do agree that students must have a say in this important decision currently before the School Committee. BSAC students have played a key role in bringing this matter to the School Committee and providing valuable student perspectives on the pros and cons of later start times.


OB said...

I think that schools start at a reasonable time, it is the transportation part that really frustrates many high school students. Since we don't have school buses, it is harder for those going to exam or charter schools by unpredicatble public transportation. This requires us to wake up around 2 hours in advanced to get to school.

OB said...

I dont think that school should start later. High school has always started at this time so why change it now? Some people are already used to it. It doesnt make sense to just change it.

OB said...

I read the two comments before mine, and I agree with it. I think that it should not start later because no matter what were still going to spend the same amount of time in school.