Friday, January 05, 2007

Sumner Elementary seeks alumni and former staff

Tomorrow, January 6, would be the 196th birthday of Charles Sumner, an important abolitionist and civil rights advocate who represented Massachusetts in the US Senate from 1851-1874. Sumner was born in Boston and graduated from Boston Latin School, and the school district honored his legacy with the naming of the Charles Sumner Elementary School in Roslindale. Today, a group of parents and staff from the school are seeking alumni and former staff of the school to help celebrate the 75th anniversary of the current school building, including a dinner program on May 19. For more information, contact Ruth Bodian at 857-498-0877 or


Lisa Connor said...

A nice piece of history, Chris, about Charles Sumner and our upcoming event -- thank you! Please continue to publicize this event through your various internal communication sources that you listed to me in your recent email. I will be in touch to further update you with our progress.
Many thanks,
Lisa Connor

Elizabeth Nowak said...

I love hearing about the history of school names - very interesting!

Best of luck at the bash!