Friday, May 18, 2007

"10 Boys" initiative focuses on success of young males of color

Compared to other demographic groups, Black and Latino boys are at much greater risk of failing or dropping out of school altogether. A new initiative in a subset of Boston Public Schools is aimed at beating those odds by providing boys of color with the encouragement and support they need to achieve personal and academic success.

Dr. Ingrid Carney, Deputy Superintendent for Triad A (composed of schools in the Back Bay, Charlestown, Chinatown, East Boston, Fenway/Kenmore, North End, South Boston, and the South End), recently launched the 10 Boys Initiative, challenging the principals in these 44 schools to identify ten Black and Latino boys who passed the MCAS exam -- that is, scored "needs improvement" -- and to work intensively with them to ensure that they score "proficient" or "advanced" when they take the exams again this month. Every elementary, middle and high school in the triad has formed a 10 Boys club and engages the students regularly in a variety of academic and social activities to foster their learning and personal growth.

Pictured here are the 10th grade students at the Muriel Snowden International School at Copley, who call themselves the "Ten Kings." They have been meeting as a group for several months to prepare for the MCAS exams in the hope of earning Adams Scholarships to go on to college.

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