Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Boston students mark "Super Tuesday"

Students and teachers throughout the Boston Public Schools seized the "Super Tuesday" Presidential primary elections in Massachusetts as valuable opportunities for teaching and learning about government, politics, elections and civics. At the Boston Adult Technical Academy, Advanced Algebra II students applied their lessons about linear equations to track candidates' progress and make predictions about the outcomes. Other schools held "mock elections" to give children a chance to cast ballots for their favorites candidates. Pictured here are Alisha Cooper and Samanta Miceus, fifth graders at the Haley Elementary School in Roslindale, greeting and checking in their classmates during the school's mock election. Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) earned the most votes at the Haley School polls. Students at the Hamilton Elementary in Brighton also held a mock election, as reported in the Allston-Brighton Tab.

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andrea d cuetara said...

Thirteen of our sophomores, juniors, and seniors at the ACADEMY OF PUBLIC SERVICE - DEC were trained by the Elections Commission to work as translators and voting site inspectors. On Super Tuesday, they worked a shift that ran from 6am to 9pm. All of the students said they learned a lot, enjoyed it, and would do it again.

I believe several other high schools sent representatives, and I know that MISSION HIGH was one of those.