Monday, February 04, 2008

Middle school students urged to "Think About Your Drink"

The City of Boston has launched a new campaign to encourage middle school students to make healthy beverage choices at local convenience stores. Mayor Thomas M. Menino recently announced the Boston Corner Store initiative, piloted in eight markets near BPS middle schools, where healthier beverages like low-fat milk, water and 100% juices will be prominently displayed to urge teenagers to "Think About Your Drink." Pictured here at the kickoff event at Fuller's Market in Dorchester, right to left, are Mayor Menino, Wilson Middle School student Babita Sammy, and Pat Patriot. Students at the Frederick Pilot Middle School in Dorchester produced a short video announcing the initiative.

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Casey said...

Juices and sodas contribute a lot of unnecessary calories to our diets. Most so called "healthy" juices are anything but - full of high fructose corn syrup and sugars, with not much nutrition.

The city is fighting an uphill battle. With celebrities like big Papi and 50 Cent endorsing products, kids aren't necessarily going to make the healthy choice when the non-healthy choice tastes better and is touted by their heroes.

Keep on trucking, though. Hopefully this campaign will make them stop and think, even if they don't make the "right" choice this time around.