Friday, April 18, 2008

"10 Boys" groups gather from across the city

More than 900 Black and Latino boys from many Boston Public Schools assembled yesterday at UMass Boston for the "10 Boys Initiative Goes to College." Mayor Menino, Superintendent Johnson, UMass Boston Chancellor Keith Motley and other dignitaries honored the young men, as well as their principals and teachers, for their work to achieve proficiency on MCAS and to prepare for college. The initiative, providing additional support and encouragement to small groups of boys of color, began in Triad A schools but expanded citywide this year. Watch the event on BPS-TV!

Pictured here at the celebration are Dever Elementary School student Jose Morales and principal Guadalupe Guerrero. The boys from the Dever -- wearing team jerseys from the new elementary basketball league -- attended with their teachers Geoff Rose, Donnie Lucente, and Matt Hamilton, who volunteer after school to provide coaching, mentoring, tutoring and other supports.

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Mr. Horan,
I just wanted to let you know that I am running a blog for the Hennigan Elementary and I used part of your posting for the 10 Boys Initiative announcement. You are doing a fabulous job with this blog. I will be adding the RSS to our school wiki to stay updated in what's going on. Thanks! said...

Our blog is at

Chris Horan said...

Thanks so much. It means a lot to get positive feedback from the schools. Chris