Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Madison's Cupcake Queen

Lisa Daniels started her own online business, Queen Cupcake Creations, and she owes much of her success to her learning experience at Madison Park High School. Madison Park is Boston’s only technical/vocational high school. It’s also a fully accredited college preparatory high school offering a selection of academic courses.

Recently Lisa stopped by Madison Park to visit her former culinary art teacher, Mr. Lucas. While there, she talked to students and encouraged them to never give up on their dreams and to peruse the career that best suits them.

I asked her to elaborate on Madison’s influence on her career choice and she said, “Madison helped me reach my goals. I was able to do a co-op, which prepared me for my field. My vocational teachers, Mr. Lucas, Mr. B , and Mrs. Lambert taught me a lot and made learning fun for me! Their support encouraged me to further my career goals by attending college."

After graduating from Madison she attended a culinary college in Pennsylvania and soon after that started her own business. "Business has been great ! I've learned that customer service is very important and one should always be prepared with his/her best!"

To learn about courses offered visit www.madisonparkhs.org

You can also check out Lisa Daniels site at http://www.queencupcakecreations.com/

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