Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Math made me want to learn English!

Former 8th grade student Tuyet Nguyen scored 280 (perfect score) on the 8th grade Math MCAS last year while a student at the Rogers Middle School. What makes this especially remarkable is that she was an ELD 1 student (non-English speaker) when she started last year at the Rogers.

Tuyet Nguyen came to the United States from Vietnam in May 2012. After her arrival she enrolled at the Rogers Middle School, which was a hard transition for her. Since she was unable to understand English, making new friends and understanding class instruction was hard for her.

Math, however became Tuyet’s favorite subject and class. Her Math teacher, Steve Mook, encouraged her to learn English and not give up.  “Mr. Mook was a great teacher. When I didn't understand something he tried to help me understand his lessons by connecting it to life. Math made me want to learn English!” says Tuyet.

Tuyet is currently a 9th grader at Excel High in South Boston. “Last year was both a difficult time and a rewarding time for me. I came to school with no English; I didn’t even understand my teachers. Soon my English got better and I was happier and excited to learn,” says Tuyet. She owes much of her success at Excel to her experience at the Rogers Middle School, particularly Mr. Mook’s class.

Thanks, Mr. Mook, for going above and beyond as a teacher!

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