Thursday, September 17, 2009

Get involved in decision-making at your child's school...

The BPS Office of Family & Student Engagement is hosting two training sessions next week (Tuesday and Thursday) to help parents and staff learn more about elections for School Site Council and School Parent Council Executive Committee.

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JusticeMatters said...

Let's begin with removing the fear that many teachers have regarding the animal known as the parent. Even if you have an open house, it is important that your spirit be open and clean to the parent. It is the unspoken words that send the strongest message.

Some parents are intimidating simply because they feel intimidated and don't know how to handle the stress of talking to the teacher of their darling, good, bad or otherwise. Some bring their baggage of their school days and life to the meeting. Many times teachers bring their baggage. One of the first steps in addressing the issue is to be honest. Teachers have a lot of responsibility and wonder if they can live up to that expectation, times 20 plus parents.

Take a deep breath and remember that parents don't really care how much you know until they know how much you care about their little angel, or your...,

Come to the meeting with clear examples of grade level work, and discuss it with parents, and then look at their child's work.

What ever you do, don't try to put all the responsibility on the child, or the parent. And if you spend too much time discussing their child in the teachers' room-it will manifest in one way or another in the parent teacher conference.

This is a joint effort!